About This Blog

This blog was started per my Mommy's suggestion that I write about my love of Kroger.
Kroger is my favorite grocery store and I wanted to share how much I save (without using coupons) just by their wonderful prices and using my Kroger card. So I will try to update as much as possible seeing as Mommy and I go there almost everyday. I'm the one that does the shopping and always like to surprise her with how little I spend (and there have been some good ones).
I am a firm believer that everyone should shop Kroger if they love saving money. I honestly think it's even better than Wal-Mart and so many of their own products are just as good as name-brand products and are a lot cheaper so I hope this blog inspires you to shop Kroger.
I am going to be honest in saying that there are a few Kroger brand products that I've purchased that we didn't really care for and I will let you know what they are as this blog rolls along.
Happy Kroger-ing!!

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