Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 7th, 2013 Shopping Trip

Bag of Kroger Romaine Salad  $1.67 [Reg. $1.79]
2 Bags Kroger Tortilla Chips  $1.00 each
Kroger Taco Seasoning  $.39
1 lb. Box Kroger Rigatoni  $.99
8 oz. Block Kroger Cream Cheese  $1.00 [Reg. $1.59]
1 lb. Kroger Ground Beef  $2.59 [Reg. $3.08]
2 Cup Bag Kroger Cheese  $2.39 [Reg. $3.79]
Gallon Kroger Whole Milk  $2.89 [Reg. $3.09]

No tax.
= $13.92

I saved $2.80.

You may notice that many of my shopping trips will sound the same. That's because there are certain meals we just don't get sick of very often and they're cheap (and I like cheap....who doesn't?) and tasty. And the amount of meals that we all like are limited. But hey, we're cool with it.

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