Friday, December 6, 2013

November 27th, 2013 Shopping Trip

Bunch of Celery  $.99
Head of Romaine Lettuce  $1.29
8 Sweet Potatoes  $3.92
Package of Kroger Value Bacon  $2.99
Bunch of Green Onions  $.50
2 lb. Bag Kroger Cubed Hash Browns  $1.88 [Reg. $1.99]
Bag of Kroger Frozen Peas  $1.00
Bag of Kroger Pecans  $3.99 [Reg. $4.49]
3 8 oz. Blocks Kroger Cream Cheese  $3.00 [Reg. $1.59 each]
Box of Kroger Value Corn Flakes  $1.25
Marie Callender's Frozen Apple Pie  $4.99 [Reg. $8.29] (also at the time they were having a special where you buy one of these and get a free 6 oz. can of Reddi Wip which is usually $2.59)
Bag of Kroger Brown Sugar  $2.00 [Reg. $2.39]
Container Kroger Value Mayonnaise  $2.89
6 oz. Can Reddi Wip  FREE
Daisy Sour Cream  $2.19
Box of Kroger Graham Crackers  $3.09
Can of Kroger Cream of Chicken Soup  $1.00 [Reg. $1.29]

No tax.
= $36.97

I saved $8.95.

All of these groceries were for things we made for Thanksgiving:
7 Layer Salad
2 Sweet Potato Casseroles (one with pecans, one without)
Pumpkin Cheesecake (we already had the pumpkin)
Hash Brown Cornflake Casserole
And we brought the apple pie and Reddi Wip

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Mommy's parents' house! I hope yours was excellent as well!

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