Friday, December 6, 2013

November 25th, 2013 Shopping Trip

So I have a lot of catching up to do because we were busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and I usually don't stay on the computer long enough to write a blog post because that isn't really my style, but I must keep up with my beloved Kroger! I believe I have like 8 receipts to share and the sizes of the products are most likely no longer in my memory as I always forget to write them down, sorry about that.

A dozen Kroger eggs  $1.69
2 Bags of Fritos  $4.00 (they were 2/$4.00 at the time)
2 Cup bag of Kroger Cheese  $1.67 [Reg. $3.79]
Gonna be honest here, not sure what this item is, but judging by the rest of the groceries, it looks like we had Southwestern Lasagna, so the item is most likely Kroger tortillas  $1.69
2 Kroger Soft Drinks  $.87 each
Small container Kroger Cottage Cheese  $1.99
2 10 oz. Cans Kroger Enchilada Sauce  $.99 [Reg. $1.19 each]
Gallon Kroger Whole Milk  $2.79 [Reg. $2.99]

+ $.10 tax.
= $17.65.

I saved $4.70.

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